120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X

120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X

120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X


So the last time that we had a look at the XBOX series x was a bit of a playthrough of the 120fps mode and as a pc gamer I really didn’t know what to expect here with the new consoles but honestly, it was not bad at all in my opinion.
It’s probably the most exciting thing about the ps5 and the new XBOX series x and series s being able to drive a high frame rate-responsive and somewhat competitive experience in some games yet from such an affordable compact
a gaming machine that to me is really interesting today though we’re going to give it another shot because a few months have passed since that first impression and a lot more games now support the 120-hertz mode.



Before we dive in though we’ll take a quick look at the setup that I’ll be using now I’ve mentioned before that you don’t actually need an HDMI 2.1 display to take advantage of the 120-hertz mode on the new consoles since most games
lower the rendering resolution to make 120fps actually possible in the first place means that most of the time you can get away with an HDMI 2.0 connection which most modern high refresh rate gaming monitors do have there are
a few games out there though that do actually run at the full 4k 120 hertz  pretty close to it and that’s where an HDMI 2.1 connection is needed the monitor that I’ll be using here is the 4k 144 hertz EVE spectrum which does have HDMI 2.1
120 hertz here feels absolutely super responsive so the drop in quality on first impressions was really bad you do get used to it fairly quickly and it’s not horrible but yeah 120 hertz feels like 120 hertz feels completely locked I can’t feel any
frame drops at all and after looking at some benchmarks online it does look like it’s running at 120 fps completely locked I’m going to lower the motion blur as well it just filled a view on the quality you definitely notice the lower quality initially.


120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X
120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X

I would say if you’re playing on a 1080p monitor it would be okay it would be an okay experience it’s kind of the trade-off you accept to get 120 hertz it feels so responsive I’d actually be pretty interested to see how this compares to the 4k 60hz
experience for example so we might try that afterward playing on a controller you are restricted with how much uh you know frame drop and screen judder you can notice because you’re just limited with how you can move horizontally whereas
with a mouse and keyboard, you can obviously flick from side to side quite a lot so frame drops are going to be a lot more noticeable there are a couple of dudes camping just up there they haven’t moved the entire game oh I thought I was going
to take down that guy as well let’s try and ramp up the sensitivity a little bit more.

120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X


Still even still ramping up the controller sensitivity so if you’re someone who likes to play on a high sensitivity 120 hertz feels great absolutely great I’m not sure if pc is like this as well or maybe I’ve just been playing a bit too much apex solutions
lately but the time to kill in battlefield 1 is really sure I feel like people are dying instantly and that I’m dying instantly so first impressions of battlefield 120 hertz yeah not bad I mean as someone who comes from 240hz gaming and pc
gaming whatever it feels it feels good it feels to the point where you can’t notice any frame drops or screen stutter or anything like that and part of that is due to the limits that are imposed by using a controller so just to kind of refresh my memory
a little bit I do want to see how 60hz plays out all right so jumping in here at 60 hertz it’s a different map but I know how this map should look and it’s a massive difference like 120 hertz it’s below 1080p you can tell right away of course the
the downside of that though is the lower refresh rate which you do notice again as I’ve been commenting on the limits that are imposed by the controller you can only turn so fast so it’s only so noticeable and it really is going to depend on your own
controller sensitivity so if you play a really high uh controller sensitivity then it’s going to be quite noticeable I just want to take a look at the differences in filter view here so default is 75 I believe and oddly enough that actually feels worse in
terms of the frame rate so of course it’s going to feel worse in terms of field of view and whatnot but it actually makes the game feel slower more judder now this game has a default motion blur setting of 50 typically I don’t want motion blur
added in my games.


120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X

You can definitely notice the difference between 60 and 120 hertz it is a real night and day but at the same time so is the difference in resolution and I really wish that wasn’t the case part of me just feels like this console can do so much more
and that it is being held back a little bit. Next up we have rainbow six siege now this is not a game that I’ve played much of on pc may be less than 10 hours or so but here the performance on the series x is quite interesting so it has been updated
to take advantage of the more capable hardware but what’s really interesting is that this is one of those few games out there that you will actually need an HDMI 2.1 connection to take full advantage of so we are actually running at 4k 120 fps and
above if you unlock V-Sync which is really quite crazy so we’re going to go ahead and play with the performance mode V-Sync off see what kind of performance we actually get now we do actually have a frame rate counter in the bottom left as well
which is pretty cool you can enable that by going into options and then general and then you go down to display game info make sure that’s on so right now we’re at 135 fps and the game is looking crispy at 4k so I know rainbow six siege is not
the most intensive game in the world to run but yeah it is feeling quite responsive one thing I will say that is lacking for this game though is a FOV slider it just seems like one of the main topics that we’re bringing up through these playthroughs
but the lack of a FOV slider yeah it does make the game feel just really narrow now I’m not sure how the pro players would play this game this does actually feel like one of those games where you might actually prefer a tighter FOV since you’re
kind of aiming down corridors up staircases and stuff like that I’m so confused by these decoys they just stand there today.

120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 

120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X
120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X

I will also mention controller support only here no keyboard and mouse support but that’s something I can totally understand uh the only time I really get annoyed with no keyboard and mouse support on console is when the game does support
cross play so for example apex legends I’m sure there are plenty more out there as well rainbow six I don’t know and I would not assume that they support cross-play so if everyone’s on the equal playing field and you’re playing on the controller then
that’s fine by me game is running well though I mean 135 140 fps at 4k feels super responsive not a pc experience you know it’s not a pc experience but it’s pretty good. Next up though we have doom and here we have the option to run the game
in three different ways, we have a balanced mode which says the balance of extremely high image quality and quality settings at 60fps if you have a 4k monitor it will run at 4k60 120fps mode on the other hand doubling the frame rate but then of course
lowering the resolution in return we’ll take a look at what the image quality trade-off will be and then the ray-tracing mode which is something that I’ve actually yet to see on any XBOX game yet uh there are actually some other games that do support
ray tracing as well but this will be my first I guess impression of what ray tracing looks like on a console it says accurate retrace lighting shading and reflections for amazing visual quality at 60fps your selection can always be changed in the settings
menu okay cool so hopefully we can hotspot between the two and maybe do some visual comparisons and I will note that the resolution here will be the same as the uh 120fps mode so I guess you go from here but you’re having the frame rate but
you’re getting ray tracing in return first things first you can tell it’s not running at uh 4k which would be 2160p currently runs at 1800p which to me is close enough you can tell that just looks just a little bit softer it’s nothing like saying playing on 1080p
or 1440p uh but you know 1800p you can tell that it is a bit softer in return one second we do have a little puddle here maybe we can do a quick little retrace comparison uh nope that looks pretty similar to me we’ll go ahead and play on
120fps wow this feels super responsive this feels way higher than 120 fps this feels significantly more responsive than uh how rainbow six felt I feel like the FOV is the main factor though yeah this is playing exceptionally well.

120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X  120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X  120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 

120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 

It’s so responsive I mean I don’t know what else to say if it feels like it’s playing above 120 fps yeah really good performance in the doom of course again doom is one of those games it just plays it’s it is not demanding it’s a very well optimized
game in terms of the graphics for how well it runs let’s take a look at this scene here ray-traced we do have some reflections on the gun here that are emitted from these objects that weren’t there in the standard 120 fps mode so there is definitely
a difference but whether you’re actually going to pick up on that difference is up to you 120 fps the immersion trade-off I would much rather play on 120 fps inputs just feel instant they really feel so quick uh what I do want to compare though is the
native 4k mode at 60fps so this is the native 4k mode okay it does look sharper especially when uh if you’re close to your monitor you can see all the fine detail and granularity in these chains in these windows here that can be
appreciated but again the trade-off to halve your frame rate going from 120 fps to 60 fps Nah the 120 fps mode is by far the best way to play this game, yeah it is it is rock solid I mean even with ray tracing off the reflection maps in the game they
already look accurate of course screen space reflections when you kind of cut them off the screen the reflections disappear but how often are you actually doing those comparisons in-game you just don’t notice them I am curious to see though
let’s flick ray tracing on oh yeah you can okay you notice the difference in puddles and with the gunshots yeah okay with the plasma orb things there is a difference but the frame rate trade-off is it’s really bad all right
so doing a tunnel is probably uh one of the best games that I’ve played on the series x, to be honest part of that is due to the game not being that hard to run in the first place and although ray tracing it’s not my preferred way to play I’ll say it is pretty
cool to see it included at the very least as a bit of a demo it’s It’s cool to see and do some comparisons here and there but man 120 fps that is definitely the way to play so after a second playthrough on the XBOX series x it is really good to see
a lot more games actually support the 120-hertz refresh rate and to be honest we barely even scratched the surface we can sit here all day taking a look at the massive list of games that now support the 120hz mode a 4k60 mode or perhaps
even ray tracing as well at the same time though in some games I am reminded that this is still just a console and it will always be that some games don’t have a FOV slider and never will some games have also been very late to see any update
at all most of the time games aren’t as optimized as duma tunnel or rainbow six siege and the developers often leave a little bit of performance on the table just to play it safe so as much as I want this to be an affordable pc alternative because
let’s face it affordable pcs are very hard to come by in 2021 it’s still really far off that mark and I guess my approach may be a little bit incorrect here I’m coming from the sweaty pc gamer side of the fence who really wants the XBOX series x to be
as close to the full pc experience as possible but the reality is it’s still really off that mark having said all this the XBOX series x is still really awesome it’s actually been my own go-to gaming machine for single-player games out in the living room on
the OLED display and personally that’s what I feel it does best because one thing is for certain and that’s that they still have quite a lot of performance for the amount of money you pay and coming from pc gaming that is something that the pc world
is moving away from.

120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X

120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 120 FPS Mode on XBOX Series X 

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