MacBook Pro Notched Design Divides Fans
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MacBook Pro Notched Design Divides Fans

MacBook Pro Notched Design Divides Fans

The notched screen design on the new MacBook Pro models seems to be disliked by a significant portion of users.

The recently launched MacBook MacBook Pro Notched 14-inch and MacBook Pro 16-inch come out of the box with a renewed notched display design . This design, which we are accustomed to seeing on iPhone models, does not seem to be liked by a significant part of MacBook users.

MacBook Pro Notched Design Divides Fans

MacBook Pro Notched


MacBook Pro’s Notched Display Design Becomes The Subject Of Controversy

Launched by Apple as an important design improvement, the notched screen design basically allows the bezels to become narrower and indirectly allows you to get a larger screen in smaller sizes. On the other hand, there seem to be some problems here MacBook Pro Notched.

According to a new survey, 45 % of respondents said they liked the new notched display design on MacBook Pro models in every aspect. While 23 % of the participants said that if the top menu is black, harmony can be achieved and they will be happy in this way, 28 % of them emphasized that they prefer thicker frames instead of notched designs. The rest of the people expressed that they were not sure about this issue.


MacBook Pro with M1 Max is More Powerful Than PlayStation 5

Towards the end of last year, Apple ended its cooperation with Intel and introduced the M1 to users, and even with this first commercially available chip, it was able to achieve significantly better performance and better battery life than Intel-based devices.

Recently, the company sharpened the blades once again and came up with new chips called M1 Pro and M1 Max .

M1 Pro is divided into three different variants (8 Core CPU / 14 Core GPU), (10 Core CPU / 14 Core GPU) and (10 Core CPU / 16 Core). The M1 Max comes in two variants (10 Core CPU / 24 Core GPU) and (10 Core CPU / 32 Core GPU).

MacBook Pro Notched Design Divides Fans


No matter which chip or variant you choose in the new series, one thing is certain: Last year’s performance has been taken to a much more extreme point. For those who are still wondering, Notebook Check explained the TFLOPs performance offered by each variant, based on the available data:

  • M1 Pro (8 / 14) – 2.6 TFLOPs
  • M1 Pro (10 / 14) – 4.5 TFLOPs
  • M1 Pro (10 / 16) – 5.2 TFLOPs
  • M1 Max (10 / 24) – 7.8 TFLOPs
  • M1 Max (10 / 32) – 10.4 TFLOPS

The remarkable detail here is that the M1 Max (10 / 32) provides better performance than the PlayStation 5 (10.28 TFLOPs) with 10.4 TFLOPs. In addition, the PS5 comes with a specially designed 5.5 GB / s SSD, while the new MacBook Pro makes a significant difference with 7.4 GB / s.

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MacBook Pro Notched Design Divides Fans
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